One of the most important investments a homeowner makes is in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, or HVAC. Not only should it be energy efficient, it should keep your household comfortable year-round, from one season to the next.


Emperor Cooling & Heating provides residential HVAC repair services and HVAC installations in Snellville, GA, and the surrounding NE Atlanta area. We are an established HVAC company, serving the area since 1997, and we have a reputation for excellent customer service, fair prices, and HVAC expertise.


If your HVAC system isn’t performing like it did when you purchased it, there may be issues with one of its components, or it may have reached the end of its service life. Most HVAC systems last between 10-15 years with regular maintenance. New HVAC technology provides features not available in older systems, and offers higher energy efficiency and more control over the heating and air conditioning levels in your home.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

If your HVAC system hasn’t had a thorough diagnostic check and inspection in the last few years, it is a good idea to schedule one with Emperor Cooling & Heating. Our technicians are trained to identify performance issues, and suggest the right HVAC system repair to solve any problems.

Common HVAC Issues

There are a variety of issues that can occur with an HVAC system. Here are some of our most common reasons for service calls:


●     Reduced air flow

●     Decreased cooling or heating

●     Strange odors emitting from unit

●     Excessive humidity inside your home in the summer

●     Very dry air inside your home during the winter months

●     A rise in energy costs

●     Uneven heating or cooling in the home—some rooms are too cool, others are too warm

●     Noisy operation

●     Leaks around the AC unit


If you are noticing any of these HVAC issues, a diagnostic check with one of our experienced service technicians can provide the answers you need, and perform any repairs to get your system operating as it should.

HVAC Components

The failure of a single component can prevent your HVAC system from operating at its optimal level. Problems can occur in the heating, air conditioning, or ventilation components and cause decreased comfort levels and reduced energy efficiency. If you are having service issues, that means there is likely a problem with one of these components:


●     Heating and cooling ducts

●     Thermostat

●     Condenser coil

●     Evaporator coil

●     Fan

●     Air handling unit

●     Blower

●     Compressor

●     Refrigerant tubing

●     Filter


If we find an issue with one of the HVAC components, we will complete the repairs in a timely manner, at a reasonable cost.

Professional HVAC Installation

Emperor Cooling & Heating is not only an experienced HVAC repair contractor. We sell high quality HVAC systems from leading heating and cooling manufacturers, including American Standard and other well-known brands.


If you’ve spent more than 50% of the cost of a new HVAC system on repairs, it is likely time to install a new system. Every home has different heating and cooling needs, and we will inspect your home and provide the best options based on the size of your home and your budget considerations. A new HVAC system will not only increase energy efficiency, it will provide higher comfort levels all year long.

Trustworthy Service

You can trust Emperor Cooling & Heating for professional home HVAC repair in Snellville, GA. We strive to provide excellent customer service and expert HVAC repairs and installations.  If you have questions about your home’s heating, air conditioning or ventilation, External link opens in new tab or windowcall us and speak with a member of our experienced staff.