Home and business properties need heating and air-conditioning service from time to time. Whether your air conditioner isn’t working properly, not working at all, or maybe just needs the occasional tune-up in order to maintain the appliance’s warranty, you will need the services of a qualified professional. Attempting to do AC unit repair yourself will be ineffective or even dangerous. What if you electrocute yourself by making a mistake with your power breaker, or irritate your skin with some of the harsh chemicals that operate inside of an air conditioner unit? Professionals can easily diagnose and repair heating and air-conditioning problems, including the routine and common and even highly unusual issues that can shut down your residential or commercial heating or cooling system, leaving you exposed to uncomfortable or dangerous temperatures.

We Are Here for You!

Emperor Cooling & Heating is your source for all AC repair needs, including tune-ups, troubleshooting, diagnostics, parts replacements, and more. Unlike any other AC company you will find in Snellville, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive air-conditioning services. We won’t rush to get in and out of your property just so we can send you a bill. We will investigate all parts of your AC system, including the unit, ventilation, thermostat, and power source as necessary, and won’t leave the job until we have tested your system and determined that it is working properly.

Common AC Problems

Our expert air conditioner repair technicians are trained and experienced with a variety of AC units, including Trane and Lennox. We can help you with a variety of AC problems. Contact Emperor Cooling & Heating for air-conditioning repair in the event of the following:


·         AC is running slowly

·         Vents are blowing warm air

·         Thermostat is unresponsive

·         AC unit is noisy

·         AC unit is emitting strange smells

·         Pests are entering the unit—ants, wasps, etc.

·         Your AC is slow

·         Your AC is over 10 years old

·         Rancid odors are coming from your vents

·         Your AC turns off unexpectedly

·         Your unit runs continuously, even when you attempt to stop it

·         Your AC unit has been exposed to freezing temperatures

·         The AC foundation isn't level or has been compromised

·         Your unit needs an annual inspection

·         Your unit is new and has been problematic since installation

·         And more!


Our courteous customer service advocates and technicians aren’t like the ones you’ll find at other repair companies. We believe that good air-conditioning repair service requires an open ear and a customer-first mindset. We will listen to your experiences with your AC, the problems or questions you may have, any concerns about our technicians, or even if you want to chat while we work on your system! We promise to offer you a good experience so that you can confidently turn to our expertise any time you have AC repair and installation needs.

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