How Often Should You Get Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

Jan 30, 2021


It’s another year with new expectations and opportunities. However, 2020 didn’t exactly leave too many clues for future possibilities, and we’ve definitely learned not leave all the eggs in one basket. Now that 2021 is here, it is time to take stock on everything, including your home and your business.

Perhaps you’ve resolved to take check in with your commercial holdings. When last did you have an expert come in to take look at your HVAC? Two years ago? Never? Only when it needs repairs?

Lots of opportunity to do better.

Doing the right thing at the right time proves very efficient in keeping your HVAC intact. Financially, it can be tough to do in the moment, but the gains are worth it moving forward. Don’t wait for disappointment or failure before you take action.

How Often Should This Be Done?

Think of it this way: your HVAC should keep you comfortable and provide fresh air every day. This is fundamental, so why shouldn’t you take care of it as often as possible?

Regular maintenance goes a long way for an HVAC system. That being said, how regular is regular? And how regular is necessary? Let’s find out.

Maintenance Check-up

Sometimes, several factors can affect the period given for checking your HVAC. Twice a year is a good scheduling time to go with. A period of six months in two phases is suitable as the time to check in. This is especially true for heating systems that you use year-round.

Seasonal Check-up

The best time for maintenance is during the spring and fall. Here, they’re not working as hard as they’d have to during winter or summer. Regardless, older HVACs or those that do more heavy-duty work may need to be checked more frequently.

Also, keep your ears and eyes open for unusual activity like new noises, physical changes to the HVAC unit, and other changes. Call in the experts when you notice anything, though this would be largely avoided with regular maintenance.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is one way to enjoy your home and be comfortable. The benefits are as good as the good air from the air conditioner. These are some perks of scheduled maintenance:

  • Keeping your HVAC in good condition can have quite a pull on your finance and time, but maintenance can actually improve your savings.
  • When the efficiency of the HVAC energy is improved, the utility cost of commercial maintenance will be cut.
  • Durability is sure to be the result of a well-maintained HVAC.
  • There’d be control over the mitigation repair cost, which is far more expensive if the HVAC is left unchecked.

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