How the HVAC System Affects Your Sleeping Patterns

Apr 5, 2020

It’s important that you get a good night’s sleep not only so that you can be productive and happy during the day, but also because it’s good for your health. In fact, running on too little sleep can increase your likelihood of suffering from problems associated with obesity, depression, and even diabetes. But getting quality sleep is often easier said than done. There are many factors that can affect how well you sleep, many of which can be addressed by your HVAC system. Here are some things to know about how your system could be affecting your sleep so that you understand the importance of HVAC system repair in Snellville, GA.


 When the temperature is too hot or too cold, it makes it very difficult to sleep uninterrupted. While there’s not a perfect temperature that everyone sleeps better at, each person has a range that helps them to sleep more comfortably. Most people sleep best when the temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees. This is good news during the winter, but it can be more difficult to keep your home that cool during the summer. The best way to regulate the temperature during the night to keep you comfortable is to install a thermostat that automatically changes the settings when you go to bed. This will prevent you from forgetting to change the temperature before you go to bed and then waking up later in the night because you’re too hot or too cold and unable to sleep.


In addition to temperature issues, high humidity can make it difficult to sleep. A well-running system should keep the home’s humidity at a consistent and comfortable level, so if you feel like there’s a problem, be sure to contact HVAC professionals to pinpoint a cause of high or low humidity.


Air Quality

Air quality is another consideration for how well you sleep. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies or are just particularly sensitive to dust particles and other contaminants in the air. Your HVAC system is responsible for removing these contaminants with the filtration system, which is why it’s important for you to check and change the filter every one to three months. The HVAC system must be running efficiently and properly for the air to circulate and be cleaned by the filter. When there are contaminants from cleaning products, dust, pet dander, and debris, you’re at a higher risk of developing respiratory problems that make it difficult to sleep soundly. Those with sleep apnea, asthma, or other existing health conditions will suffer even more. Some HVAC companies may offer additional air quality services like air purifiers or duct cleaning to help with this issue. You can help reduce the amount of contaminants your system has to filter out by keeping pets groomed and washed, using fragrance-free household cleaners, and sweeping and dusting regularly.


Noise from your HVAC system can also make it difficult to sleep. Your AC and furnace should only emit a low hum when running, which for most people, is easy to sleep through. However, if you start having trouble sleeping because you’re awakened by loud sounds from your system, you need to get home HVAC repair as soon as possible. Your system shouldn’t make any loud banging, clanking, grinding, or squealing noises when it runs. If so, you have a problem that needs to be repaired. If you need repairs or possible HVAC replacement in Snellville, GA, contact Emperor Cooling & Heating, Inc. today.