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Aug 1, 2018

When you aren’t home during the day, your HVAC is left without much of a job to do. Cooling the home isn’t really a high priority when nobody’s in your home, which gives you the option to turn the thermostat up when you’re away. However, that seemingly helpful option presents its own set of problems with some thermostats. If you forget to set the thermostat to the right temperature, you’re wasting valuable electricity every single day. If you do turn it off, your home could feel like an oven when you get home. Even if you add a programmable thermostat, you’ve got to make sure that your schedule is followed every day, and failing to set it can lead to an uncomfortable day at home. What’s the solution? Getting a smart thermostat in place in your home.

Why a Smart Thermostat Works with an HVAC System Repair

When you get an HVAC system repair in Snellville, GA, that’s often the perfect time to take advantage of the situation and upgrade your thermostat as well. A smart thermostat has the ability to adjust to your schedule with you and adapt to when you leave the home or spend the day hanging around. If you’re the type who works a standard 9-to-5 schedule, your new thermostat can pick up on that and make sure the temperature is good to go for you when you get home from work. If you’re more apt to work a non-traditional schedule, the thermostat can adjust to that as well. And for those days when life forces you to adjust your schedule, you can easily adjust your thermostat from your smart phone. Let’s say you’ve got an early project and nobody’s going to be in the home for three extra hours one day. All it takes is a tap on the app and you’ll be able to tell your thermostat to adjust the temperature accordingly. What about a spur-of-the-moment family weekend trip? No problem: just go into the app, set it, and forget it. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget to do such a simple thing as program the thermostat to the right temperature. When you’ve got a smart thermostat in place as part of your HVAC system repair in Snellville, GA, you don’t need to worry about that. Your system will do the work for you, and if you do need to make adjustments, it’s as simple as can be. You’ll be amazed at how one simple update makes such a difference in your wallet!

Referrals and References

Ask for references and referrals with contact information. This is a step many people take, but then, for some reason, they never do anything with them. Make the effort to call or email the names provided to ask if they were satisfied with the HVAC repair the contractor provided and if they would hire them again if a need arose.

Special Offers

When you’re getting home HVAC repair in Snellville, GA, ask if there are any special offers or rebates available. Sometimes the simple act of asking about it can result in you saving a few dollars you may not have gotten if you hadn’t asked. Contact Emperor Cooling & Heating for an estimate today.