Reasons Why Your AC Unit Is Emitting a Foul Smell

Jul 1, 2018

One of the little joys in life is returning after a hot day out to a perfectly cooled home. That feeling of borderline euphoria as you walk through the door and feel that first blast of cool air, however, is quickly wiped away if it is accompanied by an awful smell. There are quite a few things that can make an air conditioner give off a noxious odor, none of them good. If you are experiencing awful smells coming from your air conditioner system and are looking for an air conditioning repair service in Snellville, GA, the following are some possibilities of what you might be experiencing.

Moldy Smell

A moldy smell, which is probably the most common complaint of bad smells associated with air conditioning systems, generally means that mold or fungus has gotten a foothold in a system. Mold can be deadly or at least make a person very sick. It happens when moisture pulled from the air in your home is not able to be drained effectively; the first step in combating this is to change your system filters. If that does not do the trick, especially with the region’s summer heat and humidity, emergency air conditioner service Snellville, GA, is a must.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs Smell

This type of smell generally means some critter has gotten into your ductwork, made it their home and kicked the bucket. Birds and rodents like air ductwork because it is secure, weatherproof, generally warm and easy. An animal nesting in your ductwork is never a good thing, but when they die and start to decompose, it creates a smell that can be unbearable. When that happens, you should not try to remove the critter yourself; taking apart ductwork can greatly affect the efficiency of cool air distribution throughout your system. Hire a professional to do the dirty work.

Smells Like Exhaust

Your air conditioning system is not gas-powered, so the exhaust is not a natural by-product. Often, an exhaust-like smell comes from burnt engine fluids, which generally means you have an issue with leaking and need to seek out engine unit repair in Snellville, GA, as soon as you can. Burnt engine fluid can cause poisonous fumes as well as pose a fire hazard. It also can mean your entire system will overheat and seize up, rendering the system utterly broken.

There are a lot of reasons for bad smells coming from your air conditioning service, all of which mean you need air conditioning repair service in Snellville, GA. These are just three of the most common. Generally, any odd smell that comes from the system should be addressed by a professional.