Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Sep 28, 2017

The recommended time to have your HVAC system checked, maintained, and repaired, if necessary, is in the autumn. Before the winter months hit hard with colder weather, it’s a good idea to know that your system is running optimally. As you know, summer can really take a toll on your electric bill, and running your HVAC unit consistently for several months can put a serious strain on the system. After summer but before winter is an ideal time to make sure things are fully operational. Naturally, that means everyone should be reviewing their fall HVAC maintenance checklist.

Your Checklist

There are some things you can check for on your own. Have you noticed any drafty spots in your home? They could be near windows or doors. Those are the most common culprits for drafts. If you have noticed a draft, you probably need to have your windows resealed or weather-strip your doors. This should help get rid of the draft. Why is that important? During the winter, heat will escape by whatever means possible. That means poorly sealed windows and doors will allow the heat to leave your home, which will put more strain on your heater. That means a higher bill for you and more work being done by your HVAC system. That additional demand will help to wear down your system faster, which can, in turn, lead to needing repairs or additional maintenance. If you want to avoid that, sealing windows and doors is crucial. You should also check to make sure that you’re replacing your filter as needed, using the right filter for your unit, and keeping your thermostat set to an energy-efficient temperature.

The Technician’s Checklist

For cooling, the technician will check the coils and clean the evaporator. The refrigerant levels will also need to be checked and possibly adjusted. Blower components will also need to be cleaned and adjusted, if necessary. To maintain optimum efficiency, all moving parts will have to be lubricated and everything will need to be thoroughly cleaned. For heating, gas or oil connections will be inspected. Gas pressure should be checked on a regular basis so that it isn’t too high or too low. For any air conditioner service in Snellville, GA, be sure to rely on experienced, certified, and trusted professionals. One small mistake could cause big problems.