4 Facts about Air Conditioning Repair Service

Jun 4, 2017

If your air conditioner is in need of serious repairs, you might be stressed or even worried. How much is this going to cost? Are you going to have to save up for a brand-new unit? What does AC unit repair involve, anyway? Do you really need to hire professional air conditioning repair service in Snellville, GA?

Here are 4 things that you should know about AC service. These are important things to learn, even if you have hired a technician in the past. With this information, you can be a smart consumer, know when you should hire a professional, and understand what their professional opinions mean for you.

  • Regular Tune-Ups Are Key – For the most part, your primary experience with professional AC service should be a regular tune-up. Tune-ups, like physicals at your family doctor, are preventative checks. Are there any problems? Is everything running smoothly? What needs to be cleaned, refilled, or tweaked?
  • Problems Are Often Electrical – The large majority of problems with air conditioners, from a unit that blows hot air to a unit that fails to respond to the thermostat, can be attributed to an electrical failure. Blown fuses or a tripped breaker will be responsible for the majority of these issues. You may want to reset your unit before you hire a professional.
  • Be Hands-On with Your Service – If you hire someone to service your air conditioner, be involved in the process as much as you can—beyond putting your hands into the system and getting in the way. Ask questions and ask for proof that certain services are necessary. Does your AC unit really need to be recharged? Are you actually running low on refrigerant? Ask for explanations of problems.
  • Turn to Professionals – The above being said, it is important to seek out trusted expertise for any major AC problems. A professional’s opinion goes a long way. What does it mean if your copper lines are frosted? This can lead to a series of problems, but a technician will know how to fix them. If you can find a trustworthy air conditioning repair service in Snellville, GA, you can rely on them for everything from air conditioner installation to the annual tune-up service.